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SASSA Announces Disbursement of COVID SRD Payments to Support Needy Individuals

News: The disbursement of the R350 COVID SRD payment by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is scheduled to take place from December 24 to 30. This initiative aims to offer financial assistance to eligible individuals facing hardships, as part of SASSA’s continuous commitment to aid those impacted by the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Disbursement of Other Grant Categories

SASSA has unveiled the scheduled payout dates for various grant categories in December 2023. The Grant for Older People is set to be disbursed on December 2, followed by the Grant for Disability on December 3, and the Grants for Children on December 6. Additionally, the COVID SRD grant of R350 will be distributed between December 24 and 30, ensuring timely support for eligible individuals during the holiday season.

Range of Grant Categories

SASSA offers a diverse array of grant categories tailored to address various needs. The Person’s Grant caters to individuals aged 60 and above, providing financial assistance to senior citizens. The Grant for Disability is specifically designed to support those who face lifelong incapacitation due to a disability. Parents with children under the age of 18 can benefit from the Child Support Grant. Foster parents or guardians are eligible for the Foster Child Grant, while individuals caring for children with severe impairments can access the Grant for Care Dependency. Moreover, those in need of ongoing care, already receiving an Older Person’s Grant or Disability Grant, can apply for the Grant-in-Aid.

Payment Channels

To ensure convenience for grant recipients, SASSA offers multiple payment channels. Cash payments can be collected from South African Post Offices, while direct deposits into bank accounts are facilitated through commercial banks. Cash Pay Points are available in localities where beneficiaries can pick up their awards in cash. Mobile Money services are also available, allowing award payments to be made via e-wallet and e-voucher.

Effective Management of Grant Payments

Managing SASSA grant payments effectively is crucial for recipients to make the most out of the assistance provided. Recipients are advised to create a budget, prioritize needs, set aside emergency funds, track expenses, minimize unnecessary expenses, and seek guidance from licensed financial counselors if needed. These measures will help ensure that the funds are utilized wisely and effectively.

Grants for Disabled Individuals

SASSA extends support to individuals with disabilities, recognizing the varying duration and severity of their conditions. Tailoring assistance to the unique challenges faced by disabled individuals, SASSA offers grants designed to provide financial support and alleviate the burdens associated with their disabilities.

Checking Payment Status

Beneficiaries who wish to check the status of their SASSA payment for December 2023 can do so by calling SASSA officials, using the WhatsApp service, or visiting the official SASSA website and logging into their accounts. These methods provide a convenient way for individuals to stay updated on the status of their payments and ensure that they receive the assistance they are entitled to.

In December 2023, SASSA’s distribution of the COVID SRD payment and other grant categories seeks to offer crucial financial support to eligible individuals in South Africa. With diverse payment channels and guidance on effective money management, SASSA endeavors to empower beneficiaries to maximize the utility of the assistance provided.


1. How do I go about checking the status of my SASSA payment for December 2023?

Beneficiaries can inquire about the status of their SASSA payment by reaching out to SASSA officials through phone calls, utilizing the WhatsApp service, or accessing their accounts on the official SASSA website.

2. What are the various grant categories provided by SASSA?

SASSA extends grants for older individuals, persons with disabilities, children, foster children, care dependency, and grants-in-aid.

3. What strategies can I employ to effectively manage my SASSA grant payments?

Recipients are encouraged to establish a budget, prioritize essential needs, create an emergency fund, monitor expenses closely, minimize unnecessary spending, and seek advice from licensed financial counselors if necessary.

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